Carol Furey

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Carol obtained her BS Degree as a Dietitian at the Pontifical Javeriana University and later she specialized in Medical Esthetics and Permanent Cosmetics. Nowadays she resides in New York City. Carol Furey has been mentored and trained by some of the industry’s Top Masters from the US and Europe and constantly improves her skills attending seminars and workshops to keep updated with the latest techniques. She only works with the best, safest pigments.

Anesthetics and techniques to achieve the most natural, highest quality results which helps her clients with hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or over plucking to get the effect of natural looking eyebrows; recovering the shape of lips that have lost color; and applying the correct eyeliner smudge free for those with conventional makeup allergies making life easier and convenient for active, busy people.

“I love what I do and always want to deliver the best and safest procedures to my patients, I’m a caring and detailed oriented person capable to understand the patient’s needs and I want to help them look good and feel even better. Each of my procedures is a piece of art, personalized and unique! Thanks for your interest in my work, I’ll be looking forward to helping you with your Permanent Cosmetics needs”

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Carol Furey

Originally from Colombia, SA, Carol has always had her country’s passion for beauty and wellness. Involved in modeling and competing in pageants from the age of sixteen she knew that beauty, health and cosmetics would become her calling in life. She received a B.S. Degree as a Dietitian from the Pontifical Javeriana University in Bogota and had post graduate training as a Medical Esthetician, which gave her the opportunity to apply both areas of training by working with the leading plastic and bariatric surgeons in that city. It was there where Carol fell in love with the art of permanent cosmetics which in addition to medical skin care treatments, advice in a healthy life style (including the correct nutritional treatments), allowed her to make not only an improvement in the look of patients, but in their self-esteem. Moving to the USA and subsequently to New York City, she became licensed by the States of New York and New Jersey, because of her extensive experience, she was able to work at the famous Bliss Spa as one of the most requested Estheticians

Simultaneously, Carol has been able to work with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and ophthalmologists in New Jersey and New York to help their patients with advanced skin care and her biggest passion- Permanent Cosmetics. After her training in Colombia, here in the USA she has had the highest level of advanced training with top masters from USA and Europe, President of the American academy of Micropigmentation and other top masters from the USA and Europe. Becoming a Certified Professional by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals proves Carol’s ethics and commitment to deliver the best to her clients employing only the best, safest pigments, anesthetics and techniques to achieve the most natural, highest quality results. She is happy to help patients with hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia recreating natural looking eyebrows with hair simulation or shadowing techniques; recovering the shape of lips that have lost color due to cold sores, surgery or discolorations; applying the correct eyeliner smudge free for those with conventional makeup allergies and making life easier for active, busy people. These are only some of the things Carol can do with permanent cosmetics. Seeing how much it can change a person’s life is her biggest reward.


& Licenses

  • BS Degree – Dietitian
  • Technician in Facial and Corporal Aesthetics
  • Permanent Makeup Technician
  • Permanent Makeup Advanced Training
  • Brows and The Dixon Technique, Advanced Course
  • Eyeliner, Eyeshadow and Lips, Advanced Course
  • Permanent Makeup World Conference, Certificate of Completion
  • Body Art Program Practitioner Certification
  • Membership of The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals
  • The Body Art Training Gropup
  • Brows Super Master Class